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Meat companies and union adapt to changing times

March 8, 2017

The heyday of union representation in the meat industry was more than a quarter of a century ago, but the union still has good coverage across the industry. The decline of stock volumes, closure of the old monolithic single shift plants, shorter seasons and the Employment Contracts Act have all contributed to a massive reduction in the number of meat workers. This has had a dramatic impact on the sheer number of union members employed in the industry, but as a general rule the MWU has good representation across most companies. (more…)


Heavy market share losses affect Silver Fern Farms’ financial performance

January 26, 2017

In recent weeks there has been an exchange of views about PPCS’s acrimonious takeover of Richmond in 2003. Keith Cooper, ex CEO of the renamed Silver Fern Farms, emerged from anonymity in Middlemarch to castigate the appointment of Sam Robinson to the board of Silver Fern Farms as the Shanghai Maling representative. He was critical of Richmond’s rejection of the original approach by PPCS to buy the Freesia Investments shares from the Meat Board in the mid-1990s and Robinson’s role as Richmond’s chairman. (more…)

Plenty of interest in moratorium proposal

December 6, 2014

Although not all parties are in favour of it, the proposed moratorium on chain and plant licences has provoked a lot of debate and reaction from all parts of the red meat sector. (more…)

ANZCO releases annual profit four months earlier than necessary

December 10, 2013




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ANZCO Foods posted an after tax profit of $12.2 million for 2013, citing rumours as the reason for getting the announcement out to the market in advance of the legal requirement. The company usually leaves it to the last minute with the result being posted on the Companies Office website at the end of March or early April. (more…)

Debt puts pressure on large meat companies to achieve solution

August 1, 2013

If there was ever a compelling reason for the meat companies to sort out the problems of procurement competition and excess capacity, the debt levels on the balance sheets of the big three at the end of last season provide one. (more…)

Win-win at last for AFFCO and workers

June 6, 2012

It was a hell of a long time coming, but the return to work for AFFCO’s workforce, or at least the half who were on strike or locked out, has finally arrived. (more…)

Relentlessly positive AFFCO comfortable in private ownership

October 13, 2010

Talley Group is approaching the 90% threshold at which it can compulsorily acquire the remaining shares in the meat processor, although nothing will really change in the way the company has operated since 2006 when Talley’s first passed the 50% shareholding mark. What is different now is a willingness to communicate with a wider audience in a conscious effort to raise its company profile and accentuate its positive achievements. (more…)