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Meat industry strategy under way soon, but unlikely to produce hoped for results

November 17, 2009

It’s strategy development time again, now Meat & Wool NZ (MWNZ) has announced how it intends to restructure itself to address the removal of wool from its activities and a seriously reduced operating budget. After the release of MAF’s report in June which proposed four scenarios, but deliberately no recommended course of action, MWNZ took responsibility for leading the strategy development process (more…)


Meat industry strategy must wait for referendum

June 27, 2009

Business theory says strategy comes before structure, but as with so many things in the meat industry, normal theory doesn’t necessarily apply. Meat & Wool NZ is the logical party to lead the strategy development exercise, but can’t really get into this until it knows whether it will exist after the referendum vote is announced on 4 September or how much money it can devote to its programme. So in this case strategy must await confirmation of the structure. (more…)

Fonterra not in control of global strategy

January 21, 2009

After several years of uninterrupted success in building a dominant dairy trading business, Fonterra hit a series of icebergs during 2008. The problems have been well documented – SanLu, abandoned capital restructuring plans, tumbling commodity prices, lower payout forecasts, questions about the online auction system – and the impression is one of loss of control of the long term direction of the business. (more…)