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Biosecurity thoroughly underprepared for high-risk incursions

March 5, 2013

The Auditor General’s report into the current state of readiness to cope with potential high-risk threats to our biosecurity makes sobering reading. In the report Lyn Provost, the Auditor General, makes a number of recommendations for improvements, while complimenting MPI on recent progress. But the overwhelming impression is one of a disaster waiting to happen. (more…)


Government attempts to involve primary sectors in biosecurity cost-sharing

September 17, 2012

Last week the Biosecurity Reform Bill passed into law. As it announced in June, the Government wants primary sector groups to participate in the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) for biosecurity decision making and cost sharing. The Primary Production Committee which was responsible for the final draft of the Bill received more than 40 submissions. (more…)

Meat inspection no longer exclusively provided by AsureQuality

September 9, 2012

Last Tuesday AFFCO’s Imlay plant in Whanganui was the first to be allowed to introduce meat inspection by its own employees. Till then this function has been performed exclusively by government employed meat inspectors, originally employed by MAF, subsequently by the SOE AsureQuality. (more…)

Redneck or just cautious – holding back progress won’t work

October 28, 2010

Over 1000 years ago King Canute commanded the tide to stop coming in as a graphic way of teaching members of his court how silly it was to try to resist the inevitable. It didn’t work then and it’s unlikely to work now. (more…)