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Meat companies and union adapt to changing times

March 8, 2017

The heyday of union representation in the meat industry was more than a quarter of a century ago, but the union still has good coverage across the industry. The decline of stock volumes, closure of the old monolithic single shift plants, shorter seasons and the Employment Contracts Act have all contributed to a massive reduction in the number of meat workers. This has had a dramatic impact on the sheer number of union members employed in the industry, but as a general rule the MWU has good representation across most companies. (more…)


Meat industry lacks leadership according to Cooke

November 21, 2012

The National Meat Workers Union’s General Secretary Grahame Cooke stated last Monday the large loss published by Alliance Group would be the first of several for the 2012 year. His point is fairly accurate, confirmed by Silver Fern Farms’ loss announced on Tuesday. (more…)

Meat Workers Union must report correct accounts by 12 October

September 27, 2012

The Registrar of Incorporated Societies, Neville Harris, has given the NZ Meat Workers Union (NZWMU) a deadline of 12 October to provide consolidated accounts for the 2011 financial year. The union has been given more time to provide similar details for the previous five years which cover the period since the national union took over the branches which were previously Incorporated Societies in their own right. (more…)

Meat industry faces challenges positively

May 20, 2012

This season is more of a challenge for the meat industry than last, although suppliers are still reasonably comfortable in spite of the lower lamb price which has now dipped below the $100 mark. (more…)

AFFCO digs in for the long haul

March 6, 2012

The dispute between AFFCO and its unionised workforce doesn’t look like ending any time soon, a fact admitted on the radio on Tuesday morning by Dave Eastlake, Meat Workers Union National President. (more…)

More disclosure, but still no explanation of union’s financial reporting

November 22, 2011

My column about lack of disclosure in the NZ Meat Workers Union accounts two weeks ago has provoked some interesting results, but so far no formal explanation of the union’s statutory financial reporting practice. (more…)

Union fees suffer from lack of disclosure

November 9, 2011

There’s a puzzling discrepancy in the annual accounts published by NZ Meat Workers and Related Trades Union Inc (NZMWU) because they apparently understate by a considerable margin the actual revenue and expenses of the different branches of the union, not to mention the balance sheet items held in each branch. (more…)