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Silver Fern Farms putting money where its mouth is

July 28, 2010

For obvious reasons, I had some questions about SFF chairman Eion Garden’s comment on SFF’s proposal for PGP funding to invest $60 million in developing new strategies ‘that will grow the industry’ (Farmers Weekly 21 June). For a start, where on earth would SFF find $60 million and how would they invest twice that amount? (more…)

New meat industry model emerging

May 13, 2009

After several false starts a new model for the meat industry looks to be evolving tentatively in a more strategic way than appeared likely 12 months ago. Then, various companies, farmer groups and industry bodies were thrashing about trying to find a magic answer to solve the industry’s problems, but all the attempted changes sank without trace under a combination of mistrust and lack of enthusiasm for the proposals. (more…)