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Ritchie instrumental in driving positive change for red meat sector

April 28, 2020

Tim Ritchie came into the Meat Industry Association as CEO at the end of 2007, initially intended to be for an 18 month period, and retired earlier this month over 12 years later. His first task was the planned merger of the processor representative organisation with Meat & Wool, the forerunner of Beef + Lamb NZ, which was strongly promoted by Keith Cooper, then CEO of Silver Fern Farms, and Meat & Wool chairman, Mike Petersen. (more…)

Referendum result big challenge for Meat and Wool NZ

September 14, 2009

A voter turnout of 39% and a narrow majority for continued industry good investment in beef and sheepmeat, but no mandate for further wool and goat expenditure, isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of M&WNZ’s final proposal to its members. Less than 8,000 out of a maximum of 20,000 levy payers actually bothered to vote in the referendum, while the 68 consultation meetings held by M&WNZ directors round the country attracted about 2,000 farmers, 10% of the total number of levy payers. (more…)