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Meat Sector Strategy Nearly Underway

June 9, 2010

Meat & Wool NZ (the name change to Beef & Lamb NZ takes effect 1 July) and the MIA are moving quickly to begin the sector strategy development process which was somewhat derailed firstly by the collapse of the single industry good organisation proposal and secondly by the restructuring of MWNZ as a result of the referendum. Although neither party has yet formally agreed the terms of reference, the appointment of a facilitator and formation of a governance group are expected soon. (more…)

Meat & Wool suffers from an excess of democracy

March 25, 2010

Without wishing to belittle the efforts of Kirsten Bryant and Anne Munro who have achieved historic success by being the first women elected to Meat & Wool New Zealand’s board, I am uneasy about the implications of the voting process for the organisation’s future. (more…)

New funding arrangements for overseas meat promotion

February 3, 2010

The impact of last year’s referendum decision to stop paying wool levies from April is becoming much clearer, as Meat & Wool NZ goes through its restructuring programme. As Mike Petersen said at the time, the effects are much broader than just expenditure on wool research and promotion. (more…)

Meat industry strategy must wait for referendum

June 27, 2009

Business theory says strategy comes before structure, but as with so many things in the meat industry, normal theory doesn’t necessarily apply. Meat & Wool NZ is the logical party to lead the strategy development exercise, but can’t really get into this until it knows whether it will exist after the referendum vote is announced on 4 September or how much money it can devote to its programme. So in this case strategy must await confirmation of the structure. (more…)

Crucial times for sheep and beef farmer leadership

March 20, 2009

The referendum in August will determine sheep and beef farmer representation by Meat & Wool New Zealand (MWNZ) and funding of its activities from April 2010. Under the Commodity Levies Act MWNZ must seek a mandate every six years from farmers who have one vote per farm and one per 250 sheep and goats, 50 beef or 100 dairy cattle. (more…)