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Silver Fern Farms release audited result just before Christmas

December 24, 2014

The delayed and much anticipated final result for Silver Fern Farms’ 2014 year has made it into the public arena in time for Christmas. Although it has squeaked in just above breakeven for the year at $1.8 million pre-tax and $0.5 million after tax, this is worse than the original guidance of $5-7 million announced at the end of October. (more…)

Silver Fern Farms at a turning point

August 16, 2009

Now SFF has shareholder approval to restructure as a company quoted on the secondary board with tradable shares, it’s timely to ask who is likely to be in the market as an investor other than existing farmer suppliers. Initially this situation will only arise when existing shareholders elect to sell their shares, because these will be the only shares available. (more…)