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Answer for the meat industry lies in the market

November 18, 2010

The Meat Industry Association’s (MIA) annual report paints a positive picture of achievement for the past year in spite of a decline in sales revenue across most products and markets which resulted in an 11% drop from the previous year.

Critics of the exporters will say this merely emphasises the industry’s failure to build value in the marketplace by competing on price when less reliance on traditional markets and better product differentiation would have cushioned the impact of the global financial crisis. (more…)


Cheeky approach by Silver Fern Farms

November 3, 2010

The open letter from SFF to Alliance’s and its own shareholders is an unconventional, back door way of attempting to get the result you want, when your approach by the front entrance has been rebuffed. In fact the open letter admits the direct method hasn’t worked, so the board has decided to try what can only be described as a cute route to the desired objective. (more…)