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Animal Status Declarations still a dog’s breakfast

July 31, 2009

After eight years ASDs are still causing problems for meat plants, because around 7-8% of livestock consignments arrive at the plant with an error on the form. This means the stock technically shouldn’t be accepted for slaughter, but should be returned to the point of origin, either farm or saleyard. (more…)


Your company, Your future

July 16, 2009

‘Your company, Your future’ is the headline on Silver Fern Farms’ Information Pack to shareholders, explaining the capital restructuring programme which the company is now busy promoting at a series of farmer meetings throughout the country, culminating in a Special General Meeting on 30 July. Approval of the Constitution requires 75% of those voting at that meeting or by proxy to vote in favour of the Resolution to exchange the present co-operative shares for ordinary listed shares, buy shares in a 2 for 1 rights issue, receive a 1:4 bonus issue and reduce the size of the Board of Directors. (more…)