Supply chain debate

Trudi Baird from Southland has written a very full response to my recent column in Farmers Weekly about the difficulty of controlling the supply chain and I have published her comments in full because I am very impressed by her arguments and the thoroughness of her analysis.

She makes the valid point that meat company relationships are all with the supermarket chain as their end customer, but not with the end consumer whom they need to reach if they are to capture more of the margin for farmers and New Zealand. She also points out the increasing amount of shopping done by internet and the high percentage of women making the buying decisions as other important factors to be considered, especially when you realise the meat industry is largely full of ageing male executives!

I don’t have an answer to our marketing problem (or I would have provided it already), but I think Trudi’s ideas need further debate as there is a real possibility that she may have hit on what’s wrong and what needs to be done to put it right.


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